Gmail and another boring update...

Just got my Gmail account. It's pretty nice overall. I like the labeling system and how threads work in general. I also found the Gmail Notifier application which makes using gmail even better. It doesn't seem to be listed on Google's main labs page or tools page, so I figured I'd point to it as it definitely is a nice addon to have if you use Gmail. Now let's see if it fills up with spam though over time as all my other free and not free accounts have in the past.

In other news, I've been thinking of starting up a separate blog from this one that's non-work related but still probably on the geeky side (some things I just can't help). I've realized I have a hard time just posting quick posts to the msdn one as I just hesitate way more than I really want to. I'll keep this one for C# and other .NET related posts but everything else will be happening on the personal blog. I'll post a link when I get a chance to put it up. I have to figure out what blogging software I'm going to go with and all that fun stuff now, but I'll probably just end up using MT again as I did when I first started this whole blogging thing.

And finally, work's been busy, which has ended up causing me to rarely post for a while now. Review season is now over though for my team, which definitely frees up a bit more time and I've been accumulating a bunch of topics to post about that I'm hoping I get around to soon.