My Intro

A friend just pointed out to me that I should probably write up a quick intro post since the people running across the new blog may not have been familiar with my old blog.  So here it is:

I'm the lead for the C# Compiler QA team in the Visual C# group.  My time at Microsoft will soon reach the five-year point not including the internship I had on the Visual J++ team back in 1998.  When I joined the Visual C++ team in 1999, I became a part of the small subteam that was working on the then still secret project that eventually became C#.  My manager at the time was Eric who has now been on the PM side of things for a while.  C# (though not named that yet) was a few months old at the time but already had some pretty serious buzz internally.  Today, my team is responsible for the C# Compiler, Alink, C# Expression Evaluator, JScript .NET compiler and some other internal tools.

I've been blogging for almost a year now and from looking back on the entries I've added over the last year, the topics I seem to post about range from how we test the C# compiler at Microsoft, software testing in general, the C# language, updates on my spare-time coding projects, movies, books, and other miscellaneous topics.