RightSideUp - Automatically rotates images based on EXIF data

Update (1/3/06): Find the latest info on RightSideUp on my main blog from now on.

A .NET application that automatically rotates images in a folder using EXIF data stored in the image by some cameras.  There's no longer a need to go through each image and manually rotate them yourself.  If your digital camera has support for storing an image's orientation (such as the Canon Powershot S330 which has the "Intelligent Orientation Sensor") then you should be able to use RightSideUp to automatically rotate all your images to their correct orientation.


  • Installer and Uninstall support
  • Windows Explorer context menu support (auto-rotate individual images or folders with images by right-clicking on them in Explorer and selecting Auto-Rotate option).
    • Enable these via the Options dialog available in the Tools menu.
  • GUI mode allows you to browse through folders and image files


Download: [Executable] --- [Source]