Snippy - C# Code Snippet Editor

Update (1/31/08):  It looks like Snippy has now found a home on CodePlex. I haven't been maintaining it for a few years now, so I'm not sure what it has become but feel free to check it out and ask the folks who seem to be working on it now for any more details.

Update (10/4/05): This page is a bit out of date now but Snippy's new home can be found here. It's now been improved in several ways and is currently available for Whidbey Beta 2 as well as the latest RTM RC. It's now maintained by folks on the VSCore team.

--- Original post ---

Snippy is a tool I developed to ease the life of those creating C# code snippets (aka code expansions) for Visual Studio.  If you haven't heard about code snippets yet, they're a new feature we'll have in the Whidbey release.  You can read more about them in these two entries by Shaykat and Anson.

This is still in a completely untested state except for some very basic testing I've done while developing.  So please don't expect this to be perfect (is software ever perfect?) but it should be in a pretty good state. 

The files Snippy generates should work fine with recent drops of Visual Studio.  So if you have access to recent builds, you should be able to use this tool.  It should also work with the upcoming community drop folks have been talking about. 

Here's a screenshot:

Download from GotDotNet.