Windows Azure. A big day for us.

Today was a great day for those of us working on the project. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be in attendance at the PDC to watch our bits in action in several of the sessions (including the first demo of the keynote today) but also to get a chance to hang out with customers at the hands-on-lab watching them spend a couple hours going through the walkthroughs that take them through a good introduction to what's available today. It's great to see the excitement they have (and eagerness to get those prized "tokens" soon) and also great to see so many of them "get it" very quickly after getting a chance to experience the bits directly. While this is just the beginning and we have a lot of work to do still it's great to see that a lot of the decisions we've made so far on what got in and what didn't were (mostly) confirmed as having been pretty good calls.

Anyway, to update folks on what I've been up to in more detail (since lots has changed since I regularly posted on this blog), I'm the Dev Lead for the team building the "Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio" (lovin' six word product names--could have been worse actually). If you don't know what Windows Azure is, here's a good starting point and here's where you can download our bits. You can find our team blog here which will likely be a great place to keep up to date on the VS side of Windows Azure and we'll be launching a technology page in the next day or so as well with more information, walkthroughs, etc. We've also got a forum that can be found here.

The most exciting part about it all is that we can finally interact with customers who are looking to use our tools and getting their feedback. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has questions, suggestions, or any other type of feedback. Since we're a pretty small team and planning on releasing quite frequently, the feedback we get will certainly have a big impact in helping us shape the product going forward and also help us in prioritizing what it is we focus on first.

A few of us are at the PDC for the remainder of the week and would love to chat with anyone who's interested in what we're up to. Feel free to drop by the Hands-On-Lab area or the Windows Azure lounge and you should be able to find some of us. You can find a list of other team member blogs on our team site. In addition to this site, I'm also on Twitter here and would love to hook up with any folks using our tools.