Weekend Security Reading Round up Links - 10/12/07

All about the data: IT security starts with a data-centric worldview

ACE Team's Roger A. Grimes has posted a great summary of the importance of having a data-centric way of looking at things for computer/information security to work in an IT environment.  

1st CTP of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP available

Bill Staples announced the imminent release of the October 2007 Community Technology Preview of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP which is now available for download. This is an early CTP release and designed to gather feedback from the community to help refine the design of the API, the feature set, and the target scenarios.

Inside MSRC: Microsoft SharePoint flaw explained

Top Ten least-known features of Windows Server 2008

WinRS (Windows Remote Shell) looks very interesting. You can read more about it here:

First Look: WinRM & WinRS: Two new tools from Microosft that can drastically help server and workstation management

How to prove your Digital Identity

ACE Team's Anmol Malhotra has a short post on his blog about digital identities. Anmol's also contributed a great whitepaper on Input Validation for Application Security which we'll be syndicating on this blog very soon, thanks Anmol!