Weekend Security Reading Round up Links - 10/20/07

Inside the Matrix for Mobiles

A pretty interesting concept: hack together a platform for connecting the innards of over one hundred different types of cell phones and then connect them to servers allowing virtual access for testing purposes over the Internet. 

Nigerian Space Program Isn't a 419 Scam

No, really.

Eric Traut talks (and demos) Windows 7 and MinWin

What do you guys think of the ASCII Windows Logo?  Stay tuned for more... ASCII goodness!

Comcast Blocks Some Internet Traffic

The interesting thing is how they're doing it, and to what.  Its not to all torrent traffic, they just don't want you to initially seed content or continue seeding after a download completes. 

Online poker cheating blamed on employee

Well so that's a non-good way of proving your point ...eh?

Yahoo's "hackerwire" news coverage

ASP.NET ValidateRequest does not mitigate XSS completely

ACE Team's Eugene Siu has a brief post about why ValidateRequest isn't enough

Little Bobby Tables (from XKCD.com)

This is really hilarious... thanks to Spencer Low for forwarding it to me.

Mark's Blog - Mark Russinovich's blog is required reading.  Its just amazing how he'll logically walk through common problems normal users just ignore or get frustrated by and finds the root cause of really common problems like freezing gadgets, files not copying or folders not compressing.

I've been reading Mark since High School when I used to pick up Windows NT Magazine, great stuff!