Serving all languages of TSWA from a single server

As a response to a question asked by Ed Blankenship of Infragistics, Inc., we've been exploring the possibility of serving all languages of TSWA from a single server.

The question was how to make the following possible:

  • http:// tswa.example.local > TSWA English version
  • http:// tswa-jpn.example.local > TSWA Japanese version
  • http:// tswa-deu.example.local > TSWA German version

... and so on.

Due to the limitations of our setup application, it's not possible to install multiple instances of TSWA side by side.

However, there's an "unsupported" workaround that involves manually creating TSWA instances:

  1. Install JPN
  2. Copy the files to C:\TSWA\JPN
  3. Uninstall JPN
  4. Install DEU
  5. Copy the files to C:\TSWA\DEU
  6. Uninstall DEU
  7. (Repeat for all languages)
  8. Manually create web sites in IIS to point to different language directories (*)
    • Make sure each TSWA instance uses a different IIS AppPool
    • Make sure each TSWA instance points to a different cache directory (setting in web.config)

To avoid assigning separate ports for each web site, you can simply create a different "host header" in IIS that contains the language code, such as tswa-jpn or tswa-deu.

I admit that this is not the best way to provide multi language support, and we're considering to enable a real multi-language installation of TSWA that will contain all languages, and change its UI language based on your browser preferences in a future release.


Turns out that Ed has also posted the same thing :) Go ahead and check it out.