TFS 2008 SP1 Released

Few days ago, Brian Harry announced the availability of Team Foundation Server 2008 Service Pack 1 along with VS, VSTS and .NET 3.5 service packs. These service packs not only come with fixes and patches, but also with a lot of new features.


What's New in SP1 for Team Foundation Server


To update your Team Foundation Server instance, download and install:

To update your Team Explorer and VSTS, download and install:

How does this affect Team System Web Access?

If you are using Team System Web Access (TSWA), here's a few notes about these service packs:

If TSWA is on your TFS Application Tier server:

This means you also have Team Explorer installed on this machine. In this case, make sure you install both the Server and the Client service packs. Installing only one of these is likely to cause problems.

If TSWA is on its own standalone server:

Just install the Client service pack.

TSWA Compatibility

TSWA 2008 works with both RTM and SP1 versions of Team Foundation Server 2008.