ASP.NET Ajax v1.0 is available!

Now there's nothing that should stop you from Ajaxifying your web applications. As indicated by my previous post, I'm an absolute beginner at building mash-ups. If you are as well and want to get started, here's what I suggest:

1. Get Ideas


What do you want to create a mash-up on? Look around, there probably are a few ideas out there that will inspire you. The programmable web is a great resource. 

I'm sure you can create something new. You very likely have a unique value proposition to make. Things unique about you could be:

  • Your opinions.  Maybe you can write great editorials.
  • Your language, geo. Although a lot of services already exist, they are not always localized.
  • Your audience. Have you got an audience already, you could just boost the experience you are offering

2. Get the tools

  • If you have Visual Studio 2005, great. You can also start using the free of charge Visual Web Developer 2005 - Express Edition:
  • Download ASP.NET Ajax.
  • Download the fantastic Ajax Control Toolkit
  • Download the ASP.NET RSS Toolkit (in a mashed up world I expect you will want to use quite a bit of RSS)
  • Download the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

3. Get a hoster


4. Mash it up

Just one source! ENJOY.