Emea or eMEA

I just created a map where I've been. I've been a developer evangelist for EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) for over two years now and this map just confirms that I spent most of my time in Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, some time in the Middle East and no time in Africa. Of course there's a a good business justification for that but nevertheless, it's very clear to me there's a tremendous potential in those areas where I spend little or no time. Equally important is the fact that I really enjoyed my visits to countries like Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt a lot. People truely appreciate your eforts to come over there and are really eager to learn about technology. This a group of people that participated in a SQL Server Yukon workshop in Istanbul. They were a great bunch to work with.


This is also the reason why I'm planning more events there. For the next few months, I have Israel, South Africa and a tbd middle eastern country on my to visit list before July.