HP Slate: The tablet I want


I read Serge Jespers’ blog and was really happy to see he’s as excited about Windows 7 and the upcoming HP Slate device as I am.

There really are some important characteristics being shared in this video. You can see it’s a full Windows 7 and even more importantly Phil McKinney shows he understands that people want a full and rich experience on these devices.

Don’t get me wrong, I think having an application store would be great thing but I also want to use such a device to do other things I just don’t want to give up compared to my laptop. Things like surfing the web with no limits. Connecting to my media on the home server I’m about to buy. Using Office applications. Running my favorite twitter client, etc, etc…

I don’t need a device that’s designed purely to consume content that’s charged for. So the HP Slate is what I will buy. But if we could eventually get a great application store, bookstore on top of that, that would make it even better.