MIX06 annoucements

Conferences in Las Vegas, what can you say? Vegas is like Disney for Adults, 36/7.

The MIX conference is going really well. It's smaller (1500-2000 people) than many other conferences I've been to but still large enough to have a real buzz about this.

There have been many highlights like Tim O'Reilly's interview with Bill Gates, some great sessions on WPF and the Expression Web Designer, IE...

Besides that some interesting announcements like the Live developer center on MSDN http://msdn.microsoft.com/live (but for now keep checking out http://msdn.microsoft.com/msn as well), June CTP for the Web Designer.

Today also the Office Developer Conference kicks off and also there there's some big news like the Open XML Formats Developer Group (www.openxmldeveloper.org.).

It's a good day.