My Reading

I've been reading quite a bit lately. Many books based on blogs actually. Some a good some a great. But that of course is just my humble opinion.



Naked conversations is a nice one, although I couldn't finish it all together. Not sure why that was. Maybe becuase I was getting so enthused about blogging that I wanted to stop reading to start my own blog.

The idea behind the The Long Tail is really nice. After 40 pages, I think I got it though. No need to keep explaining with yet another example. I should have read the blog instead of buying the book.

Freakonomics? I read it front to back in two days. Brilliant. Even the additions in the second edition that are really just copy pastes from the blog were nice to read in the book. Nice to see some reasoning not influenced in any way by poilitics.

Now I'm reading Mavericks at Work and I'm loving it. I'm at page 50+ something and Microsoft has been mentioned a couple of times already. Not one time in a negative way. Can this be true? I always felt Microsoft is a special company to work for (in a good way, of course) and I'm happy to see there start to be more companies like that.