One last way to get your session into TechEd Europe 2005

Surely, by now you have reviewed all sessions we've got lined up for TechEd Europe at our 80% list complete point. (

Now let's say you really want to see another topic covered but you know that we closed the call for papers site on the 11th of March. What can you do?

Like last year we are again having a room where we don't schedule the sessions but 'the community' does.

For developer related topics 'the community' is INETA and the enthusiast managing the session list for that room is Damir Tomicic. He is looking forward to getting your ideas as you can read here:

The sessions 'the community' schedules are called Birds Of  Feather sessions. Allthough I don't really get that Bird thing, the sessions are really cool! They are allabout having a discussion around a specific topic. People flock together and share opinions and experiences. They are way more interactive than the regular TechEd sessions where most interaction is defered to the end.


I'm hoping to see many great ideas coming from you, 'the community'.