Slightly dressed conversations

So Robert Scoble decides halfway through his vacation to turn on comment moderation. Obviously his conversations will get less naked that way. I believe there's a good reason why people don't have Naked Conversations. Our skins aren't think enough and conversations always end when there's a lack of respect from one side.

I guess some of the new marketeers are probably a bit optimistic when they expect that if you do it right, your friendly readers would take care of the of the negative bunch. Sometimes that seems to happen but quite often, those on a mission to disrupt generate so much noise the friendly crowd also suffers from it and isn't powerful enough anymore to make corrections.

I think I'm learning two things here. One is that you need to keep some control. Some go quite far in this and others will let things loose. I think that commenting in a respectful manner is the minimum bar - this is for instance also the reason why I stopped reading slashdot already quite some time ago.  

Second thing I learn is that blogging can be very effective but if you want to do it right, it's also an energy sucker. Just look at all those guys taking time off specifically from blogging. Scoble, mini microsoft, the rough type and I'm sure you know more...

As a sidenote, when I read Nicolas Carr's blog statistics, I was surprised to see how tough it is to make some money from Google Ads. He's been blogging for a year, has currently +6000 views per day and earned 200$ from Google. Now let's assume that over the year he had an average of 2000 views per day then you could say that 730.000 views brought him 200$. There must be something crooked in my calculations or maybe now I really understand why he needs a vacation