Tech Ed Europe 2007

This year, I'm not the overall content owner for Tech Ed Developers Europe. Dave Webster from my team is doing that.

I was asked however to glance over the content to spot any possible gaps and to give my opinion and I can tell you: the session and speaker list looks awesome!

I see speakers like Pat Helland are back from being gone for a few years. I see Ron Jacobs, Roy Osherove, Chad Hower, David Chappell, Rafal Lukawieki, Aaron Skonnard, Stephen Forte, Bob Beauchemin, Michael Howard, Luca Bolognese, Amanda Silver, David Platt, Jeff Prosise and many many more. No wonder registrations are going great.

This year will also have many more session slot because there's no more pre conference day so more content for everyone.

Now I won't be able to attend this Tech Ed. But I have a great excuse as I expect to become a dad for a second time around the 23rd of October.

What is also really cool is to see that there's even a Facebook Group for Tech Ed Developers: 

Be there or be... :-)