Tech Ed US Boston Part 1: Getting around Boston

Tech Ed US Boston Part 1: Getting around Boston

We have lift off. My wife and arrived on Saturday in Boston, can you tell? On Saturday we didn’t do much as we were tired from the trip and also because it was raining like… you know, raining hard. Not so on Sunday. Woke up early and went straight to the place where everybody knows your name.


Cheers Boston Harvard Veritas

After that, we kind of followed the freedom trail had lunch by the harbor and then we headed to Harvard. Just wandering around enjoying the fantastic environment, we walked into this building with the MARK I in it. This is one of the earliest computers. Interesting to see how this machine was part mechanics and part electronics. It’s the work of some (many?) geniuses that lead to Microsoft having an event like Tech Ed attracting many thousands of people from an industry employing many millions impacting the lives of many billions.

Havard Mark I (2/2) Harvard Mark I (1/2)


In the evening, I attended the keynote. Yes they do that to you over here. Keynote from 19:00 to 21:30. I really haven’t that much to say about the keynote though. I really like Ray Ozzie as he talked us through a series of disruptions in the IT industry and invited us to think in terms of Clients, Servers and Services. Besides that, the keynote was very IT Pro centric. Very. Maybe understandable since most of the audience here is IT Pro.

There was a DEV part and it was particularly nice to see the VSTS Data Tool (errrr. correction, I mean data dude) but all in all the DEV part of the demo was too small a part of the overall keynote in my opinion. I’m also sure the 24 fans enjoyed the session as the actress that acts as the techie in the series was brought on stage a couple of times. Not being a 24 addict, this didn’t mean that much to me. Makes me wonder, if you are attending Tech Ed Europe, which non-IT person, if any, would you want us to bring on stage? Any suggestions?

Missing the developer message in the keynote, leads me to what I will be writing about in the next few days. Where does Tech Ed Europe differ from Tech Ed US? What’s the advantage of having a DEV only event, and what are the challenges? Which speakers did we meet? And sign up?

I’m not the only Tech Ed: Developer person here. Also attending are Mark White, David Boschmans, Chad Hower and Beat Schwegler. Check out their blogs too.

In the meantime, congrats to the dutch team for winning their first match. Well deserved. I watched the game in some hotel.

World Cup Soccer Boston

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