The Beentheretracks APPlication (PART 1)

I have a hobby - cycling - and a Garmin Edge 305. I frequently post screencaptures from the Garmin Training Center on my personal blog:

Once a developer always a developer (at least you always think you are) so, as I indicated before, I want to do something with this wealth of data too. So I was thinking of building the BeenThereTracks application. A web application that allows me to show where me and my friends have been riding and more details about the profile of the ride.

Today I have started. I don't need to do much analysis, I can start immediately with the data model. The schema exists I just need to start programming againsts it.

All data is XML and coming from a relational world, this doesn't make this any simpler. Fortunately LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) comes to rescue. So that's what I start with.

Step 1: Install Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2.

Check out this page if you want to install VS2008 Beta 2:

Which version do you need? Like Dan Fernandez wrote: Visual Studio Express 2008 fully supports Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) which adds language query capabilities (similar to SQL) directly into the Visual Basic and C# languages.  

So it doesn't really matter which version you will install.

I will start with the Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition. I want to encapsulate the data access functionality in a library (dll) and use that one later on a couple of different client types. Ideally (I guess I'm dreaming here), I will find enough time and motivation to build three clients:

1. A web client with ASP.NET and Silverlight

2. A rich Client kust in WPF

3. A plugin for Windows Live Spaces.

So I'm going for this (with some Windows Live Services in each of them):