Using Live Writer

Since yesterday I started to use Live Writer. And man, I love it. I started blogging in dutch to my Live Space to keep my family up to date of where I am.

I did run into an issue however. I couldn't post entries containing pictures to my Live Space. Smart (smug) as I am, I installed the Flickr plugin which works wonderfully well.

However the techie in me had to dive deeper. Why weren't my posts with pictures succesful? I found the answer on the Live Writer MSN group. It was a bug to be fixed in the next release.

Guess what happened today. Live Writer 1.0 Beta was released. I LOVE short release cycles. And yes my posts with pictures now pass through to my Live Space.

Cool to check out is also the plugin gallery. I have an idea myself but won't tell untill I'm ready. It's a real goldmine ;-) 

Now I configured my MSDN blog account too, I hope to be blogging more frequently again.