I see a lot of ISV’s using SCRUM. With nice whiteboards showing from a distance where a team stands in their current sprint.

If you haven’t gotten started on SCRUM yet and have just a couple of minutes, then the wikipedia article is a great place to start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_(development)

Interesting also is how VSTS and SCRUM integrate. Having a whiteboard and wiki is great but doesn’t mean that an integrated ALM system doesn’t offer added value anymore.

There are tools available that looks really interesting. Did you know about these? Have you tried them?

- http://www.codeplex.com/VSTSScrum

- http://scrumforteamsystem.com/en/

At TechDays, Joel Semenuik delivered a presentation on this topic which I’m looking forward to seeing online (soon I’m told).

Joel Semeniuk
Lean Principles, Agile Techniques, and Team System
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Lean Software Development, inspired by Lean Product Development, is asking us to look at how we approach software and focus our efforts on eliminating waste. In this session we will explore the 7 key principles of Lean Software Development as well as map these principles to agile development and management tools and techniques that you can use today. In this session we will also show you how tools found in Visual Studio Team System can support your lean processes.