Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Web Slice, Accelerator, Search Provider resources

I constantly receive questions about IE8 resources and thought that it is useful to aggregate them in a blog post:


IE8 Team Blog:

Personalize IE8 through web services:

Visual Search Providers

i. Extend IE8 through Visual Search Providers

ii. Search Suggestions Format:


i. IE 8 Search Accelerator Developer Guide:

ii. Open Service format specification for IE8 Accelerators:

Web Slices

i. Web Slice format specification:

ii. All about Web Slices:

iii. IE8 Web Slice guide: 

iv. Authenticated web slices:

v. How do I build a web slice (video):

vi. Step by step guide to create a web slice:

IE8 Case studies

i. Popular IE8 services:

ii. eBay IE8 services:

iii. Amazon IE8 services:

iv. Wal-Mart IE8 services:

Hope this helps.