National Instruments (NI) showcased their Silverlight based instrumentation tools today!

Austin based National Instruments showcased their Silverlight based programming tools this morning. The tooling enables the construction of remote display panels that consume data from a web services enabled instrument. Which in simple terms could be an instrument monitoring a wind turbine, a wireless router at home, or a meter that monitors the oil flow in a pipeline.

Here is a blog by Kamran Shah of the NI LabVIEW R&D team on the above subject:

The following is the example (reproduced from Kamran’s post)  of a remote instrumentation panel monitoring the wind turbines:

Screenshot of Web LabVIEW UI Builder from NI-Week 2009 Keynote

The related Silverlight case study was recently published on at

The above is a fine example of Silverlight usage in engineering applications.

- Hanu