Microsoft and Polycom team up for Unified Communications

I recently wrote a post to the Unified Communications Expert site ( about a recent announcement regarding an agreement between Microsoft and Polycom.  I ended that post with a statement that I can only speculate about devices in the works.

I thought I would continue that “speculation” on my blog and talk about things I would like to see.  Please keep in mind that the following is just my speculation and wishful thinking.

Video Conferencing

I would like to see the Roundtable (CX5000) taken to the next level.  I want it have standalone (Ethernet) capabilities as well as USB connectivity.  When plugged into the network as an IP device, I would not have to connect it to my laptop to use it.  The device would integrate with Exchange and would be associated with a given conference room.  When booking the conference room, the user can also book the Video Conferencing device.  When this is done, the user can join the video conference directly from the Video Conferencing device.

I would also like to see a device that allows me to zoom in on one particular person or area of the room.

From the perspective of a device that is similar to the CX700, I would love to see integrated video on that device as well.

Harold Wong