TechNet Webcast: Lync Server 2010: Implementing Call-Admission Control

On Wednesday, we had Part 3 of the 4 part series but had no questions posted so I don’t have a post for that.  We finished up Part 4on Friday, June 24th and had two questions.  I am posting those below with the corresponding answers. 

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Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Harold Wong

Question: Byron is saying that the endpoints must be Lync inorder for CAC to apply - My question is what about analog phones connected through a gateway, will CAC be applied for these endpoints?
Answer: Ok. No, The Lync Client is responsible for checking the CAC policy. The Analog phones won't know how to do that. The same applies to Communicator clients (legacy).

Question: we have about 200 sites. the majority of the remote offices do not have any servers so in AD sites and services their subnets just link to the main corp hub so they logon there. If I want to control how much bandwidth is used from one site to another will I need to define every one of them as a site?
Answer: If you want to control bandwidth utilization for each one, then yes.