SQL 2008 Remote connection checklist

I don't know why SQL document didn't put all pieces infomation together. Here is the full list to check:

1. Ensure machineName\SqlInstanceName is correct

2. Open "Sql Server Configuration Manager",
    under "SQL Server Services", ensure "SQL Server" and "SQL Server Browser" is running;
    under "SQL Server Network Configuration"->"Protocols for server", ensure "Named Pipes" and "TCP/IP" are enable

3. Open SQL Server Management Studio, right click server->property, in the "Server Properties", go Connections
      check "Allow remote connections to this server" (Question: why this step would not enable the network protocols in step 2?)

4. Open Windows Firewall configuration, add two exceptions for Sql server (TCP 1433) and Sql browser (UDP 1434)

Detail: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sql_protocols/archive/2006/09/30/sql-server-2005-remote-connectivity-issue-troubleshooting.aspx