Well, yeah lately I have been oblivious too lots of things. Having indulged in a fetish of subscribing to newsgroups, the number of personal folders is burgeoning to say the least. Of course, its also nearly impossible to read through everyhting that comes in during the day, so the mail meekly comes in, and the rule truthfully shoves it out of harms way into a personal folder, where it will sit till it is summoned. So I have folders counting in excess of 10000 unread mails, though most of them will never see the light of day, and would in all probably be summoned in the event of a search. Touching!

This also actually applies to the emails I receive from the Gaming community in general. But these emails are luckier, I read through almost everything unless of course if it is a call to join a multiplayer. Speaking of which, there are a number of games vying for readerspeak and what best to find them than hit game spot, which inadvertently carries the best reviews. So we have RTS's like Star Wars (Yup, you heard it right, the Empire is going to war), and Rise of Legends. And of course the traditional favourites, the FPS's with Prince Of Persia - Warrior Within, already out on the streets (pun intended), we already have a high bar set for other game big wigs to achieve. And lo and behold we have Gears of War, coming from the great old granddady of game engines, John Carmack. All set for 2006, which is gonna be a real high!

Of course we also have more to look forward to with the imminent unwrapping of the brand new XBOX 360's as well as the already-in-the-works movies on Doom and hold your breath, here is the clincher:



Triple-Academy Award winners Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh ("The Lord of the Rings" trilogy) will serve as the executive producers of "Halo", the upcoming feature film based on Microsoft's phenomenally popular video game reports Rope of Silicon.


On top of that, its also been announced that Jackson's Weta Workshop Ltd. and Weta Digital Ltd. will be creating the creatures, miniatures and visual effects for the film. This agreement marks the first time that Jackson and Walsh have performed these services on a major studio film that Jackson is not directing.


"Halo" will be shot in its entirety in Wellington, New Zealand and the film is currently targeted for a Summer 2007 worldwide release. Universal will handle domestic distribution of the film, and Fox will handle the international release.


Back to more serious stuff


So .NET Framework 2.0 (a.k.a. Visual Studio .NET 2005) Codenamed "Whidbey" will be unveiled in all its glory on November 7th 2005. Also making its grand appearance will be the much anticipated SQL Server 2005 Codenamed "Yukon" on the same day. Cheers!


I have been keeping myself busy for quite some time now with work on Office "12" and of course, with all the hoopla on what its gonna be like as well as the anticipation about its imminent preview have raised excitement levels high. As always its all hush, hush though I have been wondering how so much info got out on to print! Hmmm...interesting. Just kidding. And of course to all those people who have been asking me and also wondering as to what happened to my code samples, guys and gals hang on, a torrent of posts is on its way...coming soon, veryy verry soooon!