I am attending TechReady 4 at the moment. If you are there as well, I would really like meeting up with you.

Reaching Seattle from India, was one heck of a journey. With more than 30 hours spent looking at the insides of a plane, we were lucky we didn't lose it, by the time we landed in Sea-Tac at midnight on Friday. Sessions started today morning, with some great enthusiastic pitches by Norm Judah and Steve Balmer on where Microsoft is heading in the near future.
As one would expect, the focus is on the new wave of products that's just been rolled out. With Vista and Office 2007 System, hitting retail a week ago, everyone's pretty excited about whats happening in the connected application platform space.
Again, given that we are looking at LongHorn server just round the corner, the objective as such is pretty much geared up towards making sure, that we as an organization are well oiled and the machinery is all smooth, in order to ensure that we can get amazing next-gen solutions out the door to our customers. All these products that just went retail are so well created, to fit together like, pieces of a giant jigsaw, the amount of solutions that can be created out of this jigsaw is phenomenally enormous to say the least.
TechReady by itself is a unique Microsoft platform, that brings together the entire gamut of people in customer facing environments together from sales, premier field engineers, MCS, product support, everyone is in here right now in Seattle.
As we said a week ago, the 'WOW' starts now!