@ Home With Windows Azure

Why is Azure important?

Have you wondered how cloud computing can bring your ideas to the web faster? Reduce your IT costs? Or be able to respond quickly to changes in your business and customer’s needs? If so, then you need to find out what Azure is all about!

What is this Windows Azure training?

In this Windows Azure training session you will learn about Azure; how to develop and launch your own application as well as how it impacts YOUR daily life.image

  • Implement Web Roles and Worker Roles
  • Use Azure Table Storage and Azure Local Storage
  • Deploy your application to the cloud
  • Use Windows Azure Diagnostics image

Special Bonus!

All attendees receive a free, temporary Azure account with full access

What does it cost me?

There is NO cost to participate in this training. 

Info and Registration: http://distributed.cloudapp.net/

Need more information: http://bit.ly/azure_training