Microsoft “Surface in a Yacht”

"Lazzara Yachts and Microsoft along with software development company Infusion became the first to launch the Microsoft Surface technology into the yachting industry. This technology will change so many aspects of how our owners will be able to interact with the Lazzara Brand and product."  Said Rich Lazzara, VP of Marketing & Sales


On Feb. 12th-16th, 2009 at the Miami Yachts & Brokerage Show, my colleagues and I joined Lazzara Corporation to launched Phase I of the Lazzara Microsoft Surface in a Yacht suite of applications for the retail showroom and as features in the yacht starting this Fall 2009.



Lazzara Yacht Company Overview:

Lazzara Heritage_family

Lazzara Yachts is a family-owned company whose goal is to build a few, high-quality, innovative yachts that set the industry standard and to create, for our family of owners, the highest level of customer support and service.


In partnership with Microsoft and Infusion Development, Lazzara will introduce their new Surface computing technology available in sales showrooms (“Retail Concierge”) and in their yachts as featured offerings at the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show kicking off February 12, 2009. Customers will be able to visualize and interact with customization options for yacht interiors.

Available applications: (Retail Showroom Concierge)

· Yacht Explorer – Interactive visual navigation on Surface to get specifications on the yacht, details of offerings, photos, and video interactions, etc.
· Interactive Room Customization – Ability for customer to visualize the interior and exterior and customize options such as wood color.
· Customization results – Show final look of their customize product as final delivery


Future planned yacht options: (Surface in a Yacht Suite of Applications)

· Trip Planning – Nautical Way Finder with GPS and point of interest suggestions.
· Tour Guide – interactive tour guide concierge.
· Ship Management – onboard ship management and controls.
· Social Networking features – share photos and activities with friends and families in the cloud beyond the waves.

Press Coverage, Marketing Activity, and Phase I Launch


The Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach, Feb 12th-16th, 2009. The Yacht and Brokerage Boat Show in Miami Beach is a multi-million dollar presentation of yachts including the world's most extraordinary and uniquely designed yachts and superyachts from the world's foremost custom boat builders. Accordingly to Rich Lazzara Blog, this is one of the largest yacht shows in the US attracting upwards of 10K+ people.

Microsoft partnered with Lazzara and Infusion Development to develop first of a kind suite of Microsoft Surface applications that would be used in the retail showroom as well as offering it as a feature in all its yachts starting this fall, when the new 76 foot LMC cruiser will debut.

clip_image010Everyone recognize the current bad economic climate. Dick Lazzara, cofounder addresses this issue by saying “we'll make it through this”. As an innovator in the business, he sees the partnership with Microsoft and Infusion as a major differentiator in his brand and product offerings. On Feb 12th, Dick Lazzara kick-off the week-long event with a press announcement function attended by all major yachting industry editors and local news media. He announced a new model LMC76 to debut in the Fall as new innovation incorporating new engine technology and Microsoft Surface suite of applications.


Words of Rich Lazzara, Lazzara VP of Marketing & Sales (blog post)

[Lazzara Yachts and Microsoft along with software development company Infusion became the first to launch the Microsoft Surface technology into the yachting industry. This technology will change so many aspects of how our owners will be able to interact with the Lazzara Brand and product. For the first phase of the launch we are using Surface technology in our retail Showcase. It allows prospects to view pictures, videos, specifications and even personalize a yacht interior all using your hands to manipulate and interface with the device. Phase two will bring the Surface technologyDSC_7102 into the yacht itself. With the Surface technology on the yacht owners will be able to research the various ports of call they are traveling to and find out about activities, events, restaurants, services in those locations. In addition it will also be used to display the owners manual, family pictures, control on board audio system and link to other Surface devices. With the launch of a Lazzara Yacht Club Social Network this year owners will be able to link to each other and network and share information around their yachting lifestyle.] 

Microsoft Technology showcase (Phase I & II)

  1. Microsoft Surface, Vista, WPF, Silverlight 2.0
  2. Virtual Earth, Live Framework, Windows Live ID
  3. Social networking site integration – connecting owners, friends, and families. Photo sharing in the cloud, concierge services en-route, shopping, etc.

Check out the demo for Phase I, launch Feb 12th

Check out the Phase II preview video from our partner Infusion Development

Press coverage so far, more to come in the next several weeks: blog posting (write-up and video)
Diane M. Byrne, Owner & Editor

Microsoft Surface Trailer: Lazzara Yachts by Infusion (Phase II preview)

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