Microsoft's Global Presence in Emerging Markets and Controlled Chaos

During my trip back to the homeland, I was able to visit among many things the newly opened office of Microsoft Cambodia MDP on August 15th, 2008. 

Microsoft Office in Cambodia.


Left to right: Chhaykalyan Prak (PAM), Tony Seng (Acct Mgr), Pily Wong (GM), Nath Chan (TS), Hong Choing (HLS AE), Sroeun Suon (Asst. Office Mgr.)

Like most developing countries, Cambodians do not pay for a majority of their software usage.  Piracy is prevalent everywhere.  The Microsoft Cambodia is a part of a Market Development Program (MDP) for emerging markets.

OK, back to the Cambodian Traffic System.

This is truly a small world.  When I left Cambodia in 1979, the country was in chaos.  Now the only chaos I see in present day Cambodia is a "Control Chaos" which is the best way I can explain the way their traffic system works.

Controlled Chaos is the best way I can explain the Cambodian traffic system.  Cars, van, motorcycles, bicycles all share the same road.  While there are traffic lights in some main intersection, people come and go as they please regardless of the color of the light.  Still fatality is surprisingly low given the volume of vehicle moment.  Cambodian people just assume that other people will NOT follow the rule so therefore they are apt to be more careful themselves as a defensive move.  Consequently since everyone is on the defense, traffic flows a bit slower than in Western country.  Additionally, the road condition are not as good compared to more developed countries thus it takers longer to get from point A to point B.  This slow speed does help with surviving an accident.  Overall the Chaos seems to work BUT you have to be aggressive and defensive at the same time in major cities such as Phnom Penh and Siem Riep to get around.