Sungard Light Up Gas-Trading Application with Silverlight 4


Rich Interactive Application technologies such as Silverlight 4 adds a whole new dimension to the way users interact with data intensive applications.  For Sungard, their Gas Trading is the perfect application that benefit of such technologies.

What does the application do?

The Gas Trading application provides either tree based navigation of the area / zone / location and pipelines or directly by overlays on the Bing map.  Push pins represent transfer points on pipelines and can be used to zoom in, display position at that location, and enter new trades, and to dynamically change the actual gas routing.


Solution Highlighted at MIX10 Scott Guthrie Keynote via video montage




Interview with Neil Palmer, Partner at Sungard Consulting Services.  Sungard Head of Consulting Practice:  Business Impact of Cloud Computing and RIA.

In this episode, Hong Choing talks to Neil Palmer, Partner for Sungard Consulting Service about the impact of Cloud Computing and new Rich Internet Application technologies such as Silverlight 4.