Copy and Paste Tips for Excel to PowerPoint – Modern Workplace Tips

Yesterday I was with a client discussion collaboration and co-authoring scenarios in Office 365. During the session when I discussed co-authoring and full fidelity round-tripping across rich apps, web view, and mobile apps, I received and objection from one of the attendees. He wanted to know how we could guarantee full fidelity round-tripping and no format/data loss when we “can’t even paste right from Excel to PowerPoint.” After a brief discussion I got him to articulate how he was seeing color changes in charts when copying content in Excel and then pasting it to a PowerPoint presentation he was preparing. What he was experiencing was the charts taking the color palette of the destination document when using his traditional Control C to copy and Control V to paste. This is something easily addressed and not intended to be the sole method of pasting content.

In this Modern Workplace Tips I show how the various methods of pasting to easily get the look feel desired for precise presentations.


Modern Workplace Tips is a video series, created using PowerPoint Recording, where Michael Gannotti demonstrates Modern Workplace tips and tricks.