EMR’s Future is in the Cloud

imageUsually when someone calls me to say they’ve developed a new electronic medical record (EMR) solution for physician offices and clinics my eyes glaze over. With hundreds of EMRs on the market, the last thing we need is yet another one. I may have said as much to the developers of Health PostBox Express (HePoEx) when they called me. However, they soon got my attention when it became clear that they not only understood the future of computing and how platforms and applications are moving to the cloud, but they were developing what I consider to be the next generation of clinical computing solutions.

I’ve been saying for some time that IT is not a core competency of hospitals and clinics, nor should it be. This is especially true for small organizations and small physician practices. Their competency is patient care, not configuring servers or managing networks. What clinicians desire is IT that works a lot like cable television. You plug it in, turn it on, subscribe to the programs and services you want, and pay by the month. If only EMR solutions worked more like that!

This week on our popular on-line video series, Health Tech Today, we take a look a one such solution.  Health PostBox Express has built their EMR/Practice Management suite around a foundation of Microsoft cloud services. You might be surprised to learn that cloud computing has become the dominant focus at Microsoft. Many of our popular business productivity and collaboration solutions are already in the cloud, and most will be there soon. Cloud computing offers many advantages, among them lower cost, greater flexibility and scalability.  You can learn more here. Now, imagine if many of the IT solutions our hospitals, clinics and small practices depended on upon were available as cloud-based services? 

I don’t usually endorse EMR solutions, and I’m not endorsing the one profiled on this week’s Health Tech Today show. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the company, their experience and solutions are right for your practice. What I am endorsing, in fact applauding, is software solutions that are more manageable and far less costly than what you’ve experienced before. It is the cloud that makes this possible.

Check out the promo below for this week’s Health Tech Today program. If you like what you see, click on over to our Health Tech Today landing page and invest a few minutes to watch the full show. Find out why Health PostBox Express and Microsoft are betting on the cloud.

Health Tech Today, Show 203, Health PostBox Express

Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health                     Microsoft

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