Group Health Talks eHealth on Microsoft Health Tech Today

HealthTech_Logo_MAIN_WMS Logo_v2 Our June program of Microsoft Health Tech Today is now live on the web. This month’s program includes four segments. Featured topics include an amazing service, Would Technology Network, that helps community nurse specialists cure patients with chronic, non-healing wounds in the comfort of the patient’s own home. We also see how Philips Healthcare is using the latest medical imaging technologies to give clinicians the information they need at the point of care and how that is helping doctors improve quality while also helping to control healthcare costs. We learn from Microsoft partner ESRI that where we live may increase our risks for certain diseases. And finally, we see how Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound is delighting patients with eHealth technologies that enable access to their health information and closer collaboration with their healthcare providers.

I think you’ll enjoy every segment and I hope you’ll watch the entire show, but I especially want to draw your attention to the fine work going on at Group Health. Although I spent a few years of my career at Group Health working with the organization’s medical director, that’s not why I want you to watch. Since those days Group Health has become widely recognized around the world for their leadership in eHealth. Need to communicate with your doctor by e-mail? Group Health does that. Want online access to your test results and medical records? No problem. Need to schedule an in person visit with you doc online, or renew a prescription? You can do that too! Here’s what one of their patients, Elizabeth, has to say about her experience at Group Health.

On the June program of Health Tech Today we talk with Dr. Matt Handley who has spearheaded Group Health’s foray into all things e. You’ll find out why patients like being able to manage their health online and how Group Health is making that possible. What’s even more impressive, is when Dr. Handley explains how many of Group Health patients are now using online tools. This has made it possible for the organization to move about 30 percent of its primary care volume to patient encounters that are handled online. It’s a wonderful story that provides proof of what health organizations can accomplish when they go electronic. It saves money. It makes patients happy. It improves collaboration between doctors and patients. It results in better health and patients who are better informed.

I would like to extend my special thanks to Philips Healthcare for their sponsorship support of our Health Tech Today programming for June.

Find out more by watching the June edition of Health Tech Today. I hope you enjoy the show.

Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health     Microsoft