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Last week I reported on my informative trip to visit customers and partners in Japan.  After returning home to Seattle, I thoroughly enjoyed having a few days off to spend with my family over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  This week, my attention is drawn to China; not for a personal visit but rather to share some information from one of my colleagues. 

image It has been more than a decade since my last visit to China.  Much has changed since then.  But one of my team members, Ben Flock, with our US Health and Life Sciences group, wrote to me during the tail end of my recent visit to Japan.  He asked if I could share some of his observations on how healthcare is changing in the world’s most populous country-- China.  He also wanted me to draw your attention to a meeting that will take place on December 11th, at Microsoft offices in Farmington, Connecticut.

Ben writes:image

Recently, I had an opportunity to do a 2-month work rotation in China. My primary assignment was to experience China healthcare first hand, exchanging best practices and industry experiences. It was definitely an eye opening experience. Prior to the engagement, I assumed that China operated under a pure socialized healthcare model. What I learned is that they are actually operating under an emerging hybrid model that includes employer based insurance, tiered procedure based pricing, social service supplements, and incomplete population coverage models…very much like ours in the US. Every US based healthcare & insurance company is currently doing business in China or will be over the next year. Over the next few years, China will become a global focal point for healthcare business and technology advancement. I believe the effects of these advancements will have a long tail on how Healthcare operates here in the states.

If this topic interests you, I would like to draw your attention to the following meeting:

Microsoft Health & Life Sciences Industry Council

China Healthcare Perspectives 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2:00pm – 6:00pm


What was once a model based on pure social services, China’s Healthcare is evolving into a hybrid blend approach that includes a mix of government price controls, fee for service disparities, social security coverage gaps/limitations, and emerging “western oriented” privatized healthcare insurance.  China is in the midst of healthcare reform…essentially a breakaway from traditional social service towards a new model that will better serve China’s population from a cost, quality, and availability perspective. Currently, China’s total Healthcare spending is 4.8% of GDP.  Essentially the largest country (1.3B) has the lowest total per capita healthcare spend.  But, China is committed to significantly increase its total spend…potentially reversing the model making China a healthcare leader.  In this session, US & China based Microsoft representatives will share perspectives and insights on what we believe will rapidly became the next epicenter for healthcare innovation.

Discussion Topics

China Healthcare Overview – “The world is flat”

“The world is flat”… a cliché that people use to illustrate broad commonalities.  It is often backed with very little evidence to prove its truth in a real world context.  But use in relation to healthcare, and we believe it has real meaning.  In this session, we will do a contrast/compare of Healthcare in the US to healthcare in China and put the cliché’ to the test.  

A Real World China Healthcare Example…

Zhoungshan City Hospital is one of China’s highest ranked healthcare facilities from an overall quality and patient satisfaction perspective.  In this session we will do a detailed walkthrough of their population coverage, operating principles, business workflows, and technology solution augmentations, giving you a birds-eye view of how Healthcare really works in China. 

Emerging Technologies Sneak Peak: Microsoft Azure Platform Services

In this session, we will give a “hot off the press” high level overview of Azure Platform Services providing perspectives and insights to how they might be leveraged to improve global healthcare.



clip_image002[8] James Chen, Director Business Development, Microsoft China:  As an experienced senior professional with 28 years who works in multi-national large corporations such as Microsoft, BellSouth and NEC. Strong experiences in strategic planning, investment, mergers and acquisitions, also in government relations, regulatory affairs, corporate communications and business development.


clip_image004Ben Flock, Health & Life Sciences Industry Advisor:   Ben is a technology leader and Healthcare Industry subject matter expert with over 21 years experience building architectural  teams, technology practices, and business solutions delivery organizations. 


clip_image006Hong Chong, Architect Advisor:   Mr. Chong is a business and IT leader with 18+ years of business and technology implementation experience with proven results.  He has worked in the Health & Life Sciences industry, financial services, and professional services organizations leading strategy and architecture groups.



Date & Time


Microsoft Office – Farmington, CT

74 Batterson Park Road

Farmington, CT 06032

December 11  

2 - 6PM


Event ID: 1032395880

Bill Crounse, MD   Senior Director, Worldwide Health    Microsoft Corporation

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