How to improve care experience (and satisfaction) while maintaining compliance

No matter where I travel these days to meet with health industry customers, there is a common theme. Oh sure; hospital and clinic IT staff, administrators and clinician leaders are focused on electronic medical records, meaningful use (in the US) and on moving to more accountable care models. But there is another pressing demand that is causing consternation for all parties in the enterprise and that is what we in the industry are calling the “consumerization of IT”.


I’ve discussed some of the issues and challenges associated with the consumerization phenomenon here on HealthBlog. We also focused on the topic last month on Microsoft Health Tech Today. Simply put, everyone has now become a consumer of IT. It seems every day there is a cool new smartphone, slate tablet, ultrabook, laptop or other device available for purchase on-line or at a big box retailer near you. And what happens next? The proud new owner of one of these devices brings it to work and wants it connected to hospital or clinic resources. It’s become a huge issue for IT staff who are charged with managing all these devices and making sure they don’t compromise the organization’s enterprise network, data security and privacy.

On December 7th, I will participate in a special webinar on this topic sponsored by the Microsoft Health Users Group, MSHUG. I’ll be joined by two colleagues in the trenches at a well known and highly respected academic teaching hospital who will share some first hand experience in dealing with the cascade of issues surrounding the consumerization of IT. Below, I’ve provided a bit more information about the webinar and a link you can use to register if you would like to participate.

Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health Microsoft       


imageDoctors, nurses, technicians, administrators and others who work in healthcare all have one thing in common. They are consumers. Like consumers everywhere, they are increasingly demanding access to health IT services from their own or preferred devices, whether mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. This is putting tremendous pressure on IT departments in healthcare organizations to quickly adopt a flexible device strategy without compromising manageability and, most importantly, security and privacy of protected health information.

In this webcast, you will hear a panel discuss the opportunities, challenges, and concerns around consumer IT from the perspectives of Medical Professionals as well as CIOs or IT Directors. You will also gain insight to how Microsoft is helping healthcare organizations embrace consumer IT with Microsoft’s Flexible Workstyle solutions.



  • Bill Crounse, MD, Senior Director, Worldwide Health: Panel member
  • Mark Fisher, Industry Marketing Manager, Microsoft Life Sciences: Panel moderator
  • Industry Director (TBD) , Microsoft Consumer Advocacy and Technology Management Team

External panel members:

  • John C. Kairys, MD, FACS - Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Affiliations Assistant Professor of Surgery Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia
  • Stephen Tranquillo, VP and CIO at Thomas Jefferson Medical Center, Philadelphia

Register for the event

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