Improving care quality and collaboration with Microsoft Office Groove

image High quality healthcare today can only be delivered by multidisciplinary teams consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, social workers and others.  This often includes caregivers who work out in the community and in patients' homes.  But such "teamwork" can lead to fragmented information and work processes that put quality at risk with duplication of patient records, unnecessary tests, and prolonged hospital stays.  Effective caregiver collaboration requires an integrated information environment. Clinicians need access to patient information from a variety of locations. The information must always be up to date, and the exchange of information from one caregiver to another must be done securely. In addition, the tools that enable such exchanges and collaboration must be familiar, affordable, and easy to use.


In the latest edition of my House Calls for Healthcare Professionals audio-cast series we examine how contemporary information technology is being used to solve this problem at Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust in England. We reveal how healthcare workers in the field can communicate and collaborate with each other and with their hospital or clinic based colleagues more efficiently, no matter where they might be? We make the case that this kind of facilitated collaboration contributes to improved patient safety and caregiver satisfaction. 

imageThis special program examines how one division of what is perhaps the world’s largest healthcare delivery system, has solved their need to improve collaboration across multidisciplinary care teams.  My guest is Julie Ansell, a clinical specialist in intermediate care at the UK National Health Service’s Eastern & Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust.  Also joining me on the program is Ray Jordan, solutions director with Microsoft partner D2i Solutions Ltd.

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Bill Crounse, MD   Senior Director, Worldwide Health   Microsoft Corporation

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