Medical Dictation, Speech Recognition Moves to the Cloud

imageHealthcare is a data intensive business. One of the barriers to adoption of electronic medical records is data entry. Using a keyboard to write long medical reports or enter data into formatted templates can be a tiresome productivity sink for busy clinicians. That’s why many doctors and nurses prefer to use computer speech recognition solutions or medical transcription services. But speech recognition software can be cumbersome to install and doesn’t always work as advertised depending on what else you have installed on your computer. Meanwhile, traditional medical transcription services are often very expensive. In fact, medical transcription is a significant line item in a hospital’s or clinic’s yearly budget.

imageIn recent years, the quality of computer speech recognition has improved markedly. When coupled with a lexicon that understands medical terminology and medication names, speech recognition solutions allow doctors and nurses to quickly dictate reports with a minimum of errors. Now, this technology is available as a subscription service in the cloud.

imageOn our newest episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today we learn about a medical speech recognition solution offered by Microsoft partner, nVoq. The solution, called SayIt, is built on the Microsoft® Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI).  Clinicians now have a dictation solution that integrates easily not only with Microsoft applications, but almost any clinical EMR or HIS system. And because it is offered as a cloud-based service via the web, the cost for users is reduced.

Joining me on the program is Vice President and GM of Healthcare at nVoq, Debbi Gillotti and Registered Nurse and Clinical Informatics Consultant, Lynette Jones. You can watch the show by clicking on the video player below, or by visiting the Health Tech Today landing page at

nVOQ SayIt Speech Recognition Medical Dictation Solution

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Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health Microsoft

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