Microsoft HealthVault: Learn more here

A couple of week's ago I had a chance to catch up with Peter Neupert and Sean Nolan from our Health Solutions Group here at Microsoft.  They sat down with me to record a special video program for my House Calls for Healthcare Professionals series.

Since the launch of HealthVault back in October there's been a groundswell of interest from consumers, doctors, health organizations, medical device manufacturers, partners, and others.  HealthVault is a platform for online services to help people SEARCH, STORE and CONNECT their health information, putting them in control of  their, and their family’s health and wellness.  Using HealthVault, people can store and control an array of health information including prescription medication lists, health histories, hospital discharge summaries, lab results, fitness data and search results.  Furthermore, Microsoft HealthVault Connection Center makes it possible for people to upload health-related data such as that taken from blood-pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors, blood glucose monitors and peak flow meters and confidentially share that data with family, caregivers or physicians.

So, here's your chance to learn more about what we are doing and why we think HealthVault is so important to consumers of health, providers of care, and the entire healthcare industry.  I hope you enjoy the show.


Click HERE to see the video


Bill Crounse, MD    Senior Director, Worldwide Health     Microsoft Corporation