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You experience sudden, stabbing pain in your lower back. It practically takes your breath away. But, it’s Saturday night. Your doctor isn’t available. So, you head straight for the emergency room. When you show up at the front desk, it is pretty apparent that you aren’t having a heart attack or anything life threatening. But still, you’re in pain and you want to see a doctor. You glace across the waiting room and all of the chairs are full. You think to yourself, “I wonder how long this is going to take?” Well, thanks to work now underway at Microsoft Research, you may one day have the answer to that question sent right to your smartphone.

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imageimageThis week on Microsoft Health Tech Today, I am joined by two Microsoft researchers who give us a sneak peek at how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics can be applied to provide patients and their families with real time information updates. Drawing from data in today’s hospital information systems, researchers believe they can help alleviate patient fears and anxiety by keeping them up to date about what is happening. How long will I have to wait? What is the doctor or nurse doing right now? What tests am I having and what will they tell the doctor? How long before I get my lab results? What is happening to my family member in surgery? When will my child’s doctor be making rounds this morning? These are the kinds of questions, when they go unanswered, that become major sources of dissatisfaction and angst for patients.

On our program, researchers Dan Morris and Amy Karlson walk us through some typical hospital scenarios and show us how real-time information might one day be streamed to computer screens, smartphones and other devices. Here is a short promo for this week’s show. Watch the full show starting Tuesday, February 15th.

Keeping Patients Informed

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Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health                    Microsoft

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