Microsoft Surface – Just what the doctor ordered?

imageThe blogosphere has been buzzing, or should I say exploding, with excitement, speculation, and comments about Microsoft Surface – a new generation of tablet PC devices optimized for Windows 8 and made by Microsoft. Information about Microsoft Surface was released by the company Monday afternoon at a press event held in Los Angeles and since viewed around the world.

Among the speculation out there is how the medical community will respond to Microsoft Surface. After all, the tablet form factor has been extremely popular with clinicians. However, for many clinicians and IT staff, currently available models leave something to be desired when it comes to use in hospital and clinic environments.

imageAt a later date, I’ll provide some of the reasons why I’m so excited about Microsoft Surface. In the meantime, here is one viewpoint by blogger Ilifat Husain, MD, that sums up some pretty good reasons why Surface may prove to be very popular with clinicians.

If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to learn about Microsoft Surface, find out more by visiting And, watch this cool video:

Like I said, I’ll have more to share about Microsoft Surface as we get closer to the launch of Windows 8. In the meantime, let us know what you think.

Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health Microsoft

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