Microsoft XBox: Yet another great development platform for healthcare

In today's Seattle Times there's an article about my colleague Dr. Harold Goldberg and a grant he has received from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study platform and device options for the management of chronic disease in young people. Dr. Goldberg shares my passion about the potential for information technology to transform healthcare delivery while improving care safety and quality. He's done some pioneering work using the PC and Internet to improve compliance in the management of diabetes. His new grant will allow him to explore how to utilize other kinds of devices and interfaces such as gaming systems, SmartPhones, and perhaps interactive digital television. Dr. Clifford Goldsmith and I have written on this topic in previous Blog entries. We both see a huge potential for integrating health information and medical services into the "digital lifestyle". Dr. Goldberg's focus on younger patients is especially compelling since the digital lifestyle is already second nature for this group. And as technology evolves to reduce the complexity of setting up and using smart devices in the home, we'll open up a new realm of possibilities for the provision and monitoring of healthcare.

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Bill Crounse, M.D. Healthcare Industry Director Microsoft Healthcare and LIfe Sciences