Redefining telemedicine as a routine clinical practice

IMG_0229Next week I’ll be visiting with healthcare customers and partners in Europe, specifically in the UK, Sweden and Holland. I frequently come back from these trips marveling over some of the innovation I see in clinical practice and healthcare delivery. This is particularly true in how many organizations are using information communications technology (ICT) to provide greater access to care while holding down healthcare costs.

One such example comes from Germany where the Asklepios Future Hospital Program is redefining how citizens around the world will access healthcare services. They make an excellent case on the future of telemedicine—a future where telemedicine becomes so much the norm that we don’t even call it out as something special.

Working with a consortium of partners including Microsoft and Vodaphone, Asklepios envisions a future where collaborative care is made possible anytime and anywhere the patient happens to be. Central to making this possible is a “networked cross-linked personal health record 2.0“ that has been developed by Asklepios and its partners DLR, Microsoft and Vodafone within the Asklepios Future Hospital Program. The approach taken puts the patient at the center (via Microsoft HealthVault) and sets new standards in the implementation of data security, mobile availability and easy communication processes targeted at the medical practice. 

HealthBlog readers know that I am a champion for citizen health record solutions that aggregate data around the patient and give the patient control over how that data is shared and with whom. I believe this is the most logical, affordable and scalable solution for health information sharing and exchange globally.

Asklepios has produced a video (translated into English) that explains how they and their partners view the opportunity to scale telemedicine and mHealth services to provide greater access to clinical guidance and care to more people around the globe. They make a very good case for a future where telemedicine is just another routine tool that clinicians use to provide high quality services and care to their patients.  

Asklepios Future Hospital Program

Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health Microsoft

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