Setting aside differences and embracing what connects us

It really is a new day at Microsoft. I cannot emphasize how much things have changed.

A significant part of my job at the company is doing what we call executive engagement. At our beautiful briefing center in Redmond, Washington, and at other locations around the world, I meet with customers to review Microsoft's value proposition in health and the healthcare industry. This includes providing examples of Microsoft and partner solutions for cloud, mobility and devices, productivity and collaboration, and business and clinical analytics. I also spend time showing how Microsoft innovation and research touches health and healthcare in sometimes very surprising ways. Examples include Kinect in physical medicine and rehabilitation, HoloLens in medical education, or Microsoft Band in remote monitoring.

These days I also emphasize a much more "open' Microsoft when it comes to competing operating systems and technologies. My audiences are often stunned when I show how we embrace other platforms. Are your clinicians, administrators or other staff using devices running iOS, Android, or even open source? No problem! We can help them be more productive with solutions to improve communication and collaboration across care teams and departments. We have tools to give you real-time insights to your business and clinical operations using advanced analytics and machine learning. We can help your clinicians, staff and organization get more value from whatever you are using.

Today I came across a special video for the Holidays that is not only symbolic of this new day at Microsoft, but really touches on what is most important to each and every one of us especially this time of year--setting aside our differences and embracing what connects every man, woman, and child around the world. Let there be peace on earth. I hope you enjoy the video.   


Happy Holidays to all of you. And, my very best wishes to you, your family and other loved ones in the New Year.

Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health Microsoft