Announcing the HealthVault Developer Wiki

The HealthVault team is happy to announce the release of the HealthVault Developer Wiki.

The Wiki is intended to facilitate the direct exchange of technical information and documentation amongst HealthVault partners (in addition to contributions from the HealthVault team directly), and should serve as a supplement to the information that is already available on the HealthVault Developer Center on MSDN.  The wiki should be useful for information about data types that hasn’t been easy to find before, such as this information about the Lab Test Results type.

We encourage HealthVault developers to join the wiki and help us by adding information about how your application uses HealthVault, such as listing the vocabularies that your application can use and understand for the name of a medication, or sample data and usage information.  This will enable other HealthVault applications to better understand and interact with data from your application, and (going the other direction) using the wiki will help you build your application in a way that works better with all variety of HealthVault data sources.

Anybody can view pages in the Wiki; if you would like to contribute and/or share information about your application with other partners, please send email to

We’re working through a few technical issues, so you may see some broken images or other minor issues.