HealthVault 0903 Release Notes

Release notes for 0903

HealthVault Platform

1. GetAuthorizedPeople API

We are adding a new platform API which will allow applications to get PersonInfo objects of all the authorized people with various filters and a paging mechanism, this is very helpful if you are doing background processing using context of HealthVault records.

The SDK API for this method looks like:

public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<PersonInfo> GetAuthorizedPeople();

public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<PersonInfo> GetAuthorizedPeople(

GetAuthorizedPeopleSettings settings


Thanks to our SDET Jenny Xu, we have a sample illustrating how to use this method:

2. We are making CCR/CCD/CDA types immutable.

3. We did numerous transform improvements in CCR/CCD reconciliation.

HealthVault Shell:

1. We made appselectrecord page an integral part of application authorization process.

2. The CreateRecord target now redirects back to application and also triggers application authorization. This solves a lot of usability issues around account creation and authorization through our partner applications.

3. In printview of a HealthRecordItem shell we will show signature information.

4. We accomplished a lot of accessibility Improvements.

HealthVault Data Types and Vocabularies:

No new data types in this release. We updated organization-relationship vocabulary to include "Laboratory".

HealthVault .NET SDK:

We are adding a new overload for constructing ApproximateDateTime from DateTime. Paying heed to what Eric was complaining about here:

ApproximateDateTime exerciseDataTimeApprox =
new ApproximateDateTime(DateTime.Now);

Please note: This release will available in production environment week of March 10,2008.