HealthVault Application Manager

We know that dealing with certificates and application ids has been a source of pain for our partners. I am happy to accounce the release of two new tools that should improve the situation.

The first of these is HealthVault Application Manager, which is installed along with the SDK. It has the following capabilities:

  • Lists all the HealthVault certificates on a machine
  • Lets you grant access to the appropriate account so IIS can see the cert (so you don't have to use winhttpcertcfg.exe)
  • Allows you to associate a more meaningful application name with a certificate (note that this association is only on this machine)
  • Exports the certificate either as a .cer (public key) or .pfx (public and private key)
  • Deletes the cert
  • Imports certificates using an import dialog or using drag/drop (XP only, not on┬áVista)
  • Creates a new certificate with the proper name and other characteristics to work with HealthVault.

Under Vista, you'll need to launch this as an administrator or it won't work right.

There's also an extra-cool feature, named 'upload certificate'. More on that in the next post.