HealthVault Environment Overview & URLs

HealthVault has two distinct but nearly identical environments that applications may talk to: Developer and Consumer.  HealthVault uses asymmetric (public-private) key encryption to validate an application's identity - each environment's web services will only respond to requests from servers whose public keys have been registered on the HealthVault side.

The HealthVault Developer environment uses the following URLs:

The HealthVault SDK includes private certificates for four different ApplicationIds whose public keys have been registered in the HealthVault Developer environment.  You are encouraged to use one of these ApplicationIds and its private certificate for your initial exploration of the platform.  Each of these applications has Online Data Access to all types but no Offline Data Access and no access to the Open Query or Send Email APIs. If you find yourself needing to use these features in your application, you can request your own ApplicationId.

Any developer who is interested in building a HealthVault application may work against the Developer environment.  A Promo Code is required for account creation in this environment so that consumers don't accidentally create accounts in the wrong environment and then start using unapproved applications.  You can request a Promo Code here.

The HealthVault Consumer environment uses the following URLs:

In order to get your public key registered in the HealthVault Consumer environment you must go through our Go-Live Process.  The sample applications' IDs are not registered in the Consumer environment.