Can MySpace be Saved?

These days, it doesn't even cross my mind to go to my MySpace page. I have one. I got that welcome mail from that guy that everyone else got (white t-shirt, expression like he was doing something else and then just noticed "hey, there's a camera there"). I get connection notices from people I don't know, never heard of. It feels like MySpace lives in a bubble. Like they decided to take a time out while Facebook continued to gain users and change their profile page ad nauseum. It's almost Apple-esque in that changes appear to have been decided without regard to the opinions of the masses. Know anyone that doesn't hate a redesign from Facebook when it comes out and rejiggers all their stuff and moves stuff to little pockets here and there? Nope, me neither. Perhaps they (Facebook) know better than we and are anticipating the future needs of users (which can be a game changer if you do it right). And maybe I am a control freak that doesn't like my needs anticipated. I want to be the decider. But that's not the point here.

Watching what has happened to MySpace is like watching one of those scenes in a movie where something significant...a car crash, someone jumping off a building...happens in slow motion. And you get the reaction shot in slow motion as well. Too bad the interwebs don't move in slo-mo.

Looks like MySpace is making some changes. Is it too late? Switching from one product to another is easier outside of this connected social media space, especially when it comes to something personal. All my awesome status updates are in there. Beer drinkin pictures too. Vacations. Shots from high school with embarrassing hair and fashion. Valuable connections or re-connections (even more so). So a change means giving all of that up. It's like someone is telling you your favorite bar is going to close and that you need to start going to another bar; one that your parents go to. And then you find out that bar isn't closing. But your parent want to meet you for drinks. Every day. Highballs.The most I think MySpace can hope for at this point is "also". As in I use Facebook and also MySpace. They need to define a completely new category. I don't want to suggest that a second act is out of the question. But I do wonder if that can happen with the same folks that kind of got them here in the first place.